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DUP member and LGBTI supporter: ‘I make no apologies for this at all’

DUP member and LGBTI supporter: ‘I make no apologies for this at all’

Portrait photograph of DUP councillor Tom Smith

A Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) councillor who broke ranks to support the LGBTI community has vowed to never be ‘a nodding dog’.

The Northern Irish party has a history of opposing LGBT equality.

But councillor Tom Smith helped ensure a Northern Ireland town hall was lit up in rainbow colors to mark all future Prides.

One that he said he has ‘no regrets’ about ensuring.

Smith voted in favor of the motion, going against five of his party colleagues.

However, Smith lampooned the DUP after he was not selected as a candidate for upcoming local elections last night, Belfast Telegraph reported.

Smith said: ‘While I find this personally disappointing I cannot say I am surprised.’

‘We live in a diverse borough’

Smith is councillor for the Ards and North Down Borough in Northern Ireland.

He said: ‘I very much believe that we live in a diverse borough.

‘As a councillor, I believe I should do all I can to reach out to all sections of this community.

‘I make no apologies for this at all and certainly have no regrets.’

DUP’s opposition to marriage equality 

Sin Fein, another Northern Ireland party, came close to striking a deal with the DUP.

But due to the DUP’s opposition of same sex marriage and abortion,  talks over Northern Ireland’s self rule were hindered.

Leader Mary Lou Mcdonald said the level of polarisation over sticking issues was becoming ‘dangerous’.

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