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Dutch cardinal compares trans people to euthanasia

Dutch cardinal compares trans people to euthanasia

Cardinal Eijk wants the pope to warn Catholics about gender theory

A Dutch cardinal has said trans people’s transition is like euthanasia.

In an interview with the Catholic News Service on Monday (7 November), Cardinal Willem Eijk of Utrecht, Netherlands, lashed out against gender theory.

He said there might be need for a papal encyclical ‘to correct the errors of the ideology’ and to stop the spreading of the ‘theory’ gender is a social construct and not solely a biological matter.

In early 2015, Pope Francis compared trans people to nuclear weapons, saying they destroyed creation and ‘with this attitude, man commits a new sin, that against God the Creator.’

The cardinal said Catholic parents ‘don’t hear anything else’, which leads them to accept their own children might be transgender – or, as the cardinal thinks, allows them to ‘choose’ their own gender.

But Eijk says people needed to be ‘warned’ of gender theory, and it was immoral to change your gender.

‘It is like euthanasia and assisted suicide,’ he said in the interview.

It was given ahead of the annual Anscombe Memorial Lecture, which Eijk gave in Blackfriars, a Dominican monastery in Oxford.

Titled ‘“’Is Medicine Losing its Way?’ A firm foundation for medicine as a real therapeia [sic – he means ‘therapy’]’, Eijk – who worked as a doctor at Amsterdam University’s hospital before becoming a priest – said he’d address ‘the issue of non-therapeutic medical practices, including gender reassignment and euthanasia and assisted suicide’.

‘We are living in a quite intolerant society. People are talking about tolerance and they say the individual is free to think what he likes but in practice, people have to accept this certain view of man, this dualistic view of man and this view of the body as something that is moldable,’ he said.

‘And when you say perhaps that is not a morally good way, you are excluded.

‘You have to think according to these modern theories or you are excluded — it’s [permeating] the university world, parliament, the mass media.’

In 2015, Eijk made headlines when he sacked the treasure of the board of the Nobertus Parish, which covers eastern Flevoland and Northern Veluwe, because she was a trans woman.

Rhianna Gralike, the fired treasurer, was the first trans person on her municipality to change the gender on her passport.