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Easy ways to improve your ecommerce site’s conversion rate

Easy ways to improve your ecommerce site’s conversion rate

Easy ways to improve your ecommerce site's conversion rate. Image: Pixabay

Depending on the type of business, between 60% and 80% of would-be customers abandon the e-commerce checkout process before completing it. This is an excellent place to start increasing the profitability of your website, since boosting the percentage that complete the checkout process is cheap compared to the return on investment of trying to generate new traffic. Here are three easy ways to improve your ecommerce site’s conversion rate.

Go Lean and Mean

The best checkout process separates a customer from their money as quickly as possible. Every field you make them fill out, every button click, every page that must load costs you a small fraction of your potential buyers. You can improve your ecommerce site’s conversion rate by streamlining the checkout process to require as little information as possible. In fact, just removing the salutations drop down boosted shopping cart completion rates by several percentage points in several trials. Another consideration is making sure your website loads quickly, since a website timeout will drive many from your site.

Make Sure They Know What You Mean

Account sign up rates increase when you put a link to the privacy policy right next to the option to sign up for the account. This is because the potential signups are concerned about how their information will be used, and giving them the information prominently alleviates that concern.

You can also reduce shopping cart abandonments and increase conversion rates by making prices clear up front. For example, clearly indicating that prices shown are before tax and shipping charges prevents the cases of people abandoning a shopping cart when the final tab seems unreasonably high.

Another way to improve customer satisfaction is to provide clear information about the product you’re delivering from model numbers to color to dimensions. Make it clear what they are buying so they aren’t unhappy when they receive it, apply SEO to the product pages, and tie the products to your promotions. If you don’t know how to do this, work with a company like Eventige. For more information about Eventige and their services click here.

Proactively Address Security Concerns

Around a fifth of all online purchases are abandoned because of concerns about information security. Many people abandon the purchase process if their credit card or debit card information is not secure. You can reduce this issue by having information security badges on your website. A secondary step is providing multiple ways to pay including PayPal or Apple Pay so that they don’t have to enter credit card information on the site. An absolutely essential step is upgrading your website to HTTPS so that people are not warned away from entering payment information on an insecure site by their browser.


You need to streamline your website’s checkout process so that it requires as little effort on the part of the user and their hardware as possible. Don’t require people to sign up for an account to buy from you, though you can incentivize them to do so. Ensure that people are clear about what they are buying and how the information they give you will be used. Finally, set up your website so that customers are not concerned about the security of their payment information.