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Ed Miliband backs gay marriage in churches

British Labour leader Ed Miliband has given his support to gay marriage, saying same-sex couples should 'signfy their love'

Ed Miliband backs gay marriage in churches

Leader of the UK Labour Party Ed Miliband is not only backing same-sex marriage, but saying gay couples should marry in churches.

In a video for campiagn Out4Marriage, Miliband says his party provides its ‘whole-hearted support’ for the campaign and he intends to push the government to ‘get on with’ legislating for equal marriage.

He said: ‘I think whether you’re gay or straight, you should be able to signify your commitment and your love with the term marriage.’

Church leaders have opposed government proposals to allow same-sex couples to marry, claiming it will ‘undermine the meaning of marriage.’

The leader of the government’s opposition said: ‘We’ll also be saying to them that where faith groups want to provide that opportunity for gay couples as well as straight couples they should be able to do so.

‘I know that equal marriage is a very important part of insuring the equality before the law, the equality in our culture which is so important and such a sign of us being a modern country.’

Prime Minister David Cameron has pledged to legalize gay marriage in England and Wales by 2015.

Ministers are currently debating the proposals to enable same-sex couples to have a civil marriage.

The government proposes to allow civil marriages in register offices in England and Wales, but churches will be banned from blessing gay couples.

Scotland recently announced it would also legalize gay marriage, but also allowing churches to opt out of the legislation.

However religious leaders fear this could be challenged in the European Court of Human Rights and would be forced to marry gay couples in churches. The Scottish government, however, have said this is scare-mongering and not true.

Miliband joins other British politicians such as Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg, London mayor Boris Johnson and current Equalities Minister Maria Miller in making a gay marriage video.

Watch Ed Miliband’s Out4Marriage video below:

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