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Eddie Izzard wants to become the first transgender Parliament member

Eddie Izzard wants to become the first transgender Parliament member

Eddie Izzard

Eddie Izzard, the multi-talented celebrity who identifies as transgender, hopes to run for Parliament.

Throughout his career, Izzard has been a stand-up comedian, a marathon runner, and even a serious actor, currently appearing in a historical drama film with Dame Judi Dench.

Now, Izzard is thinking about taking his career to the next level by becoming the first transgender member of Parliament.

In an interview with The Guardian, Izzard opened up about his political aspirations.

For a while now, Izzard has planned to run for Labour MP in the next election.

‘The plan was always to run in 2020, though Theresa May has changed that with her failed power grab,’ Izzard explained. ‘So now it’s the first general election after 2020.’

Izzard even went as far as to say he’d give up performing if he were to become Labour MP.

‘It’s like Glenda Jackson; she gave up acting for 25 years to concentrate on it, then she turns up back as King Lear,’ he said.

The recent Guardian profile was not the first time Izzard has shared his political aspirations.

‘A lot of people with decent values will not go into politics because they feel they are going to get pummelled [sic]. I am proud of my country, but I want to reach out to other countries,’ Izzard told the Independent back in May.

Izzard even said he’d campaign for the Labour party in both ‘boy and girl mode.’

‘I do feel we [trans people] have crossed into a place of more political acceptance,’ Izzard said. ‘It’s allowed now. I have boy genetics and girl genetics.’

Many fans on Twitter support Izzard’s decision to run for Parliament, though some were disappointed to hear he’d give up comedy to do so.