Eddie Redmayne speaks out after paying visit to Los Angeles LGBT Center

Eddie Redmayne didn’t win a second consecutive Academy Award last night but while he was in Los Angeles for the Oscars, he met with a large group of homeless LGBTI youth.

Redmayne, Oscar nominated this year for his portrayal of a pioneering transgender woman in The Danish Girl, had breakfast with about 70 young people after he toured the Los Angeles LGBT Center’s Youth Center.

The winner of the best actor Oscar a year ago for The Theory of Everything talked with Center CEO Lorri L. Jean about the education and employment programs offered to help and empower these youth to build successful, independent lives for themselves.

About 40% of the youth experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles are LGBT or questioning and many have been kicked out of their family homes simply because of their sexual orientation on gender identity.

‘The problem is especially acute for transgender youth who are far more likely to suffer violence and abuse on the streets and who have a much more difficult time finding employment,’ Redmayne says in a short video message he made to promote the center’s fundraising efforts.

‘Fortunately, the center is here for them.’