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Edinburgh student compares use of plastic water bottles to homophobia

Edinburgh student compares use of plastic water bottles to homophobia

A University of Edinburgh student compared buying single-use plastic water bottles to bigotry like homophobia

An eco-conscious student at the University of Edinburgh compared the use of plastic water bottles to being homophobic.

The essay

Writing for The Tab, 19-year-old Anna van der Poel describes people she sees on campus using disposable plastic water bottles as ‘morally corrupt.’

‘The extent to which this is still done and also socially acceptable is baffling. And needs to stop,’ she writes. ‘It is 2019, not having a reusable bottle at this point is like still being homophobic or thinking climate change isn’t real – outdated and backward. It is time to adjust and start making responsible, good decisions.’

Van der Poel goes on to explain all the reasons she’s against people using disposable water bottles — from the cost to the fact that reusable water bottles are readily sold at many stores. She also implies that money spent on single-use plastic water bottles is better spent on alcohol.

‘If you are unwilling to make the most simple changes, like not buying plastic bags and owning a reusable water bottle, you need re-evaluate what kind of person you are,’ van der Poel states.

‘And don’t give me some bullshit story about how you “reuse” your plastic bottles when I call you out on it. We both know that bottle won’t last you for longer than a week tops.’

‘Not only are you killing the planet, but you are also spending money on water that you could be spending on VK.’

Van der Poel’s essay comes after the release of a recent YouGov survey. The survey found the majority of UK residents still buy disposable plastic water bottles, despite an increase of environmental awareness.


People on Twitter are less than thrilled about van der Poel’s comparison of single-use plastic bottles to homophobia.

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