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Edinburgh University announces first of their kind LGBTI scholarship programs

Edinburgh University announces first of their kind LGBTI scholarship programs

Standing on the plug of an extinct volcano, Edinburgh Castle is one of the cities most iconic sights.

The University of Edinburgh has announced its first scholarships tailored for LGBTI students.

The scholarships will support UK, EU and international students who identify as LGBTI or community allies.

Its new MBA and MSc business initiatives will be a first for Scotland.

To create the graduate scholarships, Edinburgh Uni partnered with culture and enterprise group, Somewhere EDI.

The Edinburgh-based organization works on building visibility, diversity, and inclusion in business and cultural spaces.

‘Our scholarship offer and this unique partnership with Somewhere combines to create impactful inclusive business opportunities for the LGBT+ community,’ Dr. Peter Flett, Director of MBA programmes at the University of Edinburgh Business School.

Successful MBA candidates will receive mentorship and business development opportunities from Somewhere EDI, Deadline News reports.

‘It is time for bolder steps towards championing LGBT+ people’

Kathryn Pierce, the founder of Somewhere EDI, said the scholarships will help budding LGBTI entrepreneurs.

‘It is time for bolder steps towards championing LGBT+ people in every walk of life, and the world of enterprise and entrepreneurship in particular,’ she said.

‘Running your own business is a risky undertaking at the best of times, but LGBT+ people experience greater personal risks than others, simply for being who they are.

‘As well as supporting the economic case for entrepreneurship, this new initiative showcases the right to authenticity, challenging continuing social barriers to inclusion in business spaces.’

The business initiatives will be only the second of their type in the UK, following an MBA at The Cambridge.

The only other LGBTI scholarship program in Scotland being offered at Queen Margaret University.

In recent years, Scotland has become something of a trailblazer with regards to LGBTI education.

Last year, the Scottish government announced plans to introduce LGBTI curriculums in schools across the country. The move was largely considered a world first.

Scotland has also championed numerous political and cultural pro-LGBTI initiatives.

Applications are now open for both the MBA LGBT+ Scholarship and Mentoring Programme, and the Positive Action for LGBT+ MSc Scholarships

The final date to apply will be on 10 May.

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