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Egypt orders the arrest of nine men over gay wedding video

Egypt orders the arrest of nine men over gay wedding video

The Egyptian prosecutor general has ordered the arrest of nine men, after a YouTube video depicting a ‘gay marriage’ surfaced.

The video, filmed in April but has only gone viral in recent weeks, is entitled ‘Egypt’s First Gay Marriage’ shows two men appearing to have a marriage ceremony on a Nile boat.

The two men hug, exchange rings and are surrounded by male guests.

Several charges have been levelled against the men including ‘inciting debauchery and violating public decency’.

A statement released yesterday (6 September) described it as ‘a devilish shameless party’ which was ‘violating teachings of religion and public morals’.

Associated Press reports seven men have been arrested and police are looking for two more. The men will be held for four days while an inquiry is carried out.

Authorities have also called for a physical examination of the men.

One of the unnamed suspects appeared on Egyptian television with host Tamer Amin to explain the video. He said he was straight and the video did not depict a gay wedding. The video was supposed to be a joke, and it was actually for a friend’s birthday.

In Egypt, the country outlaws ‘fujur’ – often translated as sexual excess or debauchery.

Egyptian courts interpret fujur as meaning or including homosexual acts.

Consequently, almost all men arrested and sentenced in Egypt for homosexuality are charged with fujur.

In April, four men were jailed for being gay.

In July, an Egyptian cleric accused militant Islamists of having gay sex.