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Egypt raids private house party to arrest nine gay men

Police say they were able to infiltrate 'wall of secrecy'

Egypt raids private house party to arrest nine gay men
A previous protest where an activist flew a rainbow flag at the pyramids in Giza.

Nine gay men have been imprisoned after police raided a private party in Egypt.

Police claim they raided the house party in Alexandria as the men were believed to be engaging in ‘debauchery’.

Mustafa al-Nimr, the head of Alexandria Security Directorate, slammed the behavior as ‘threat to public security’.

Police raid Egypt house party to arrest nine gay men

These charges are often exaggerated in Egyptian media and possibly even made up by police.

It is very likely these men have not committed a crime even under Egypt’s twisted homophobic laws.

Police in western Alexandria claimed they received information saying ‘weird’ young men was frequently visiting an apartment.

When they investigated, they found a real estate agent had rented the apartment several months ago.

Gay men tried to prevent police from entering

Vice police raided the bath house after receiving a tipoff from Mona Iraqi who then filmed the raid

And then when they went to go to the apartment, the owner would only allow people to enter if they used a special code.

They said this was a ‘wall of secrecy’ set up to stop ‘police repercussions’.

However, nine people have now been detained.

A recent crackdown on LGBTI rights in Egypt has led to a dozens of people now in jail.

The charges against these people are varied, including ‘debauchery’, ‘inciting sexual deviancy’ and ‘joining an outlawed group’.

In the media, Egyptian outlets are falsely crying out homosexuality as a ‘disease’ that must be ‘stopped’.

New bill will harshly punish LGBTI activism

The new bill, harshly punishing LGBTI activism, could be made law early next year.

The anti-LGBTI measure, introduced by MP Riyad Abdel Sattar, will punish gay sex in a public or private by prison for one year to three years.

‘Individuals that incite same sex relations, either by inciting, facilitating, hosting, or calling for, even if they don’t perform the act itself, will be punished to prison…as well as shutting down the venue,’ the bill says.

Both publicity and advertising for LGBTI parties, bars and clubs will be banned.

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