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Egyptian men arrested over ‘gay marriage’ video declared ‘not gay’ after test

Egyptian men arrested over ‘gay marriage’ video declared ‘not gay’ after test

Seven Egyptian men have been given medical examinations to try to prove if they have ever had gay sex and have been given the all clear after a video from April which appeared to depict a same-sex marriage saw them arrested.

The seven were charged with ‘debauchery’ after authorities discovered a video of them on a Nile river party boat.

Homosexuality is not specifically outlawed in Egypt but ‘debauchery’ charges have often been used to harass gay men in Egypt none the less.

The seven men consented to a physical examination that was supposed to show whether they had ever had sex with another man and were declared to be ‘not gay.’

An eighth man, who played the part of the groom in the video, did not show up for the examination and prosecutors are still searching to arrest two other men who appeared in the video.

One of the men told Egyptian TV, on the condition of anonymity, that the ‘wedding’ had just been a joke between friends and that the group had been celebrating a friend’s birthday.

One of the men had bought his friend a silver ring and the proposal had just been a joke as he gave it to him, he said.

The arrests have been condemned by international human rights group Human Rights Watch.

‘Egyptian authorities should immediately end the practice of arbitrarily arresting and torturing adults who are privately engaged in consensual sexual relations,’ said Graeme Reid, director of the LGBTI rights program at Human Rights Watch.

‘These latest arrests are an ominous indication that President El-Sisi’s government will show no greater respect for the rights of vulnerable groups than its predecessors.’

Medical examinations that are supposed to be able to prove whether a person is homosexual or not are used in many Middle Eastern countries but such tests have been widely disproved in the rest of the world.