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Eight arrested after viral video of trans woman who was savagely murdered in Brazil

Eight arrested after viral video of trans woman who was savagely murdered in Brazil

Dandara dos Santos was tortured and stoned to death

Eight have been arrested after a video emerged of a trans woman in Brazil being savagely murdered.

Dandara dos Santos was 42 when she was killed in cold blood on 15 February by a gang in Bom Jardim in Fortaleza.

The video shows her sitting on the ground, wearing a torn t-shirt and covered in blood and dust.

Her attackers, at least five men, are apparently trying to force her to climb into a wheelbarrow.

When dos Santos does not comply they start beating her, one man using his flip-flop.

They beat and kick their victim in the head, first using their bare hands.

Warning: This video contains extremely distressing images.

One of the men can then be seen repeatedly beating dos Santos, who repeatedly tries but seems unable to stand up, with a wooden plank.

They then forcefully lift their victim into the wheelbarrow. As they wheel her down the dirt road, one of her attackers is shouting slurs.

According to the authorities, dos Santos was killed later in the day, in a nearby street.

She was shot in the face, twice, before her attackers bludgeoned her to death. According to police, they used a big stone which they bashed on Dandara’s head.

Police arrest four men and four teens

Police have arrested eight men – four adults and four teens. One teen had handed himself in to the police station.

The final suspect was arrested in Pedra Branca, 162 miles (261km) from where dos Santos was murdered.

Recent studies found how one LGBTI person was killed every 25 hours on average in Brazil in 2016. It is rare the killers are put behind bars.