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Ellen DeGeneres tackles gender stereotypes with new GapKids clothing range

Ellen DeGeneres tackles gender stereotypes with new GapKids clothing range

Ellen launches new GapKids range

Ellen DeGeneres is expanding her clothing and lifestyle brand, ED, to support and encourage young girls, however they choose to express their identities.

Working in collaboration with Gap, the new GapKids x ED line is aimed at every girl, ‘whether they skateboard or dance, wear dresses or jeans, build forts or paint rainbows, or everything in between,’ the website explains.

Using a simple color palette of blues, reds and neutral tones, many of the items in the range feature slogans, ditching the more ‘traditional’ gendered statements in favour of inspirational lines including ‘Be your own hero’, ‘Dance’, ‘You better believe it’ , even quoting a line from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream on one of the tops: ‘And though she be but little, she is fierce.’

In promotional video, Ellen explained: ‘We focus so much on our differences and that is creating a lot of chaos and negativity and bullying in the world.

‘And I think that if we focus on what we all have in common which is ‘we all just want to be happy’ that would be a lot better.’

As well as graphic tees, leggings, dresses and hoodies, the range also includes accessories, including caps, tote bags, backpacks, lunch boxes and sew-on patches.

GapKids x ED is donating $250,000 from the sales of the range to Girls Inc, a non-profit organization set up to inspire girls to be confident and fulfil their potential.


Below are a few of the items now on sale:

Tote – $24,95
‘Creative’ baseball hat – $14.95
Graphic tee – $24.95
Graphic tee – $24.95
Sneakers – $24.95