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Ellen gives lesbian military couple money for dream wedding

Ellen gives lesbian military couple money for dream wedding

Military couple Stephanie and Tracy met in a bar years ago, and fell madly in love.

Now they have worked incredibly hard to save up for their big wedding, with Tracy even taking on another job in pizza delivery.

The Air Force member wrote a letter to Ellen DeGeneres telling them their story.

It read:

‘On 24 January during a sunset walk on the beach, my girlfriend Tracy got down on one knee and proposed. She is the most amazing person I have ever met and I feel so lucky every single day.

‘I’m in the US Air Force and Tracy is a Marine Corps veteran and a lifeguard. We are so happy and love what we do serving our country and saving lives but I dream of our wedding day and I have no idea how we will afford it.

‘I’m sure you get thousands of emails from deserving people every day, so thank you for reading this and for making the world a better place.’

The adorable couple entered into a contest from the app Viggle, which allows people to ‘check in’ to TV shows for rewards, and won $1,000.

But Ellen DeGeneres, when she heard about the couple’s story, couldn’t help herself from giving the couple more.

The daytime chat show host gave the couple $20,000 (€15k), enough for a wedding of their dreams.

Not only that, but she gave the happy couple a dream honeymoon to Fiji.

Check out the video and their reactions below: