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Ellen Page celebrates first wedding anniversary: ‘I’m so f**king lucky’

Ellen Page celebrates first wedding anniversary: ‘I’m so f**king lucky’

Ellen Page and wife Emma Portner

Ellen Page has marked the first anniversary of her marriage to wife Emma Portner with a sweet Instagram message. The posting features two selfies of the couple. In one, Page appears to be teary-eyed with happiness.

The accompanying caption reads: ‘Before/after of an over one year anniversary convo. Beyond grateful to all those who fought to allow us to be wife & wife. I love this magical human. I’m so fucking lucky.’

Ellen Page and Emma Portner have been married a year
Ellen Page and Emma Portner married just over a year ago (Photo: @ellenpage | Instagram)

Canada-born Page, 31 shot to fame in Reitman’s comedy Juno. She has since appeared in Whip It, Inception and the X-Men films.

She came out as a lesbian in 2014 and has since worked to highlight the need for greater LGBTI rights around the world. This includes the TV series Gaycation, in which she visits some of the most anti-LGBTI countries in the world.

She will be seen next on screens on Netflix superhero series The Umbrella Academy, which premieres 15 February. The show is based on a graphic novel written by Gerrard Way of My Chemical Romance.

Wife Portner is also from Canada. She is a former teacher at New York City’s Broadway Dance Center and now has her own dance company. The two women began dating in summer 2017.

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