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See Ellen Page in Netflix’s new superhero show The Umbrella Academy

See Ellen Page in Netflix’s new superhero show The Umbrella Academy

Ellen Page in The Umbrella Academy

Netflix recently released the first trailer for their upcoming superhero series, The Umbrella Academy, starring Ellen Page.

Based on the Dark Horse comic, the series tells the story of children born to women who weren’t pregnant the day before they gave birth.

A billionaire adopts some them and trains them to save the world. When he dies, however, the kids set out to find the truth and, well, save the world.

Gerard Way (yes, of the band My Chemical Romance) wrote the original graphic novel, with Gabriel Bá illustrating.

Way is also co-executive producing the series, which was written by Jeremy Slater.

Page plays the only child without superpowers. Mary J. Blige also stars in the show as someone ‘super evil’, based on the promotional character posters.

Details of Page’s character, Vanya, surfaced when she was first cast last year.

Vanya may not have powers, but she is a gifted violinist, which is important to the plot.

‘Vanya is a wallflower who has a hard time understanding her place in the family since everyone has abilities that she lacks,’ Nylon revealed. ‘But it’s also canon that the rest of Vanya’s siblings do not deal well with their powers, so maybe not having a superpower is a power in itself.’

The trailer gives away nothing beyond the bare bones of the plot, but it’s fast-paced and energetic. It also has a particular comedy, as seen by Page’s Vanya telling her sibling she’ll put on some coffee when she’s told the world is ending.

Interestingly, it also numbers the children, 1-5 and then Vanya as the seventh. There’s no mention of Number Six.

The 10-episode series arrives on Netflix on 15 February.

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