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Ellen posts heartwarming video of wife Portia saving gorillas in Rwanda

Ellen posts heartwarming video of wife Portia saving gorillas in Rwanda

Ellen DeGeneres just posted a heartwarming video of her wife Portia de Rossi saving gorillas in Rwanda.

It all started when the talk show host turned 60 years old last year.

Her Australian wife appeared on the show to give the most beautiful gift — The Ellen DeGeneres Center for the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund in Rwanda. DeGeneres has a deep love American primatologist Dian Fossey.

A gorilla. Ellen and Portia
A gorilla. Ellen and Portia | Photo: Instagram/theellenshow

Since then, the couple have traveled to Rwanda to see where the center will be, as well as visit some gorillas.

But just a few weeks ago, Portia returned to the African country to be present for the official breaking of ground for the center.

During the video, Portia visits an area with two pregnant gorillas, as well as three baby gorillas.

The look of shock on her face says it all.

Portia de Rossi: ‘We both love and want to protect gorillas’

‘This whole thing came about because I thought “What on Earth do you give the woman who has everything?” Portia said in the video, as she addressed the crowd during the ceremony. ‘So I thought the best gift that I could give her was a way to connect her past to her future.

‘As a little girl, seeing that brave woman — a scientist — who left her comfortable life to set up a tent in a Rwandan forest to save a species on the brink of extinction,’ she said.

Portia then added: ‘I gave this gift to Ellen because we both love and want to protect gorillas. After coming here, however, we fell in love with the country and its people.’

Watch the inspiring video:

In August last year, the pair celebrated 10 years of marriage.

‘Ellen took my breath away,’ Portia told The Advocate. ‘That had never happened to me in my life, where I saw somebody and experienced all of those things you hear about in songs and read about in poetry. My knees were weak.’

Ellen also described feeling ‘love at first sight’ after meeting Portia.

She told Oprah in the couple’s first interview since getting married: ‘I’m going to be with her till the day I die and I know that.’

In fact, Ellen’s also previously said: ‘I love her so much, it kills me.’

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