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Ellen reunites gay college student and the man who repaired his vandalized car for free

DeGeneres gives both Jordan Addison and Richard Henegar Jr. a big check

Ellen reunites gay college student and the man who repaired his vandalized car for free

Jordan Addison didn’t have the money to repair his car after it was vandalized three times while parked in a lot at Radford University in Virginia and a fourth time while it was parked in front of his home.

Openly gay, it didn’t take him long to figure out the reason why the vandals kept striking. They eventually caused $2,500 worth of damage including keying homophobic slur ‘fag’ into the side of the car as well as the word ‘die,’ slashed his tires and smashed in his windshield.

Richard Henegar, Jr., manager of Quality Auto Paint and Body in Roanoke, Virginia, heard about what had happened and offered to work on the car for free.

Heneger and others spent more than 100 hours working on the car, put on new tires, installed a new stereo, gave it a new paint job, tinted the windows and put in a new security system.

It repairs and improvements would have cost Addison $10,000.

Ellen DeGeneres caught wind of the story and decided to invite both men onto her Emmy winning show for its 10th season premiere.

‘Sometimes a simple act of kindness can make your whole world change,’ DeGeneres said.’When we heard this story, we knew we had to have it on our premiere show.’

‘I don’t take discrimination of any sort kindly and I wanted to help this young man in any way I could,’ Henegar said in a taped piece aired before he joined DeGeneres and Addison onstage. ‘I kind of wanted to turn this negative situation into a positive one. Life gives me lemons and I make lemonade.’

Said DeGeneres to Henegar: ‘You are the kind of guy who gives everybody hope.’

Not only did Henegar and Addison get to appear on national television with DeGeneres, they each also were presented with a check for $25,000 from Cover Girl.

Below is video of the appearance:

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