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13 powerful pics of naked and semi-naked local guys in Lyon, France

13 powerful pics of naked and semi-naked local guys in Lyon, France

Michael from Lyon | Photos: Elska

Elska editor Liam Campbell tells GSN about the process of putting together the Lyon issue of his LGBTI-inclusive indie magazine Elska.

‘For a long time we’ve been getting requests from readers that we should take Elska to France. I always resisted because I didn’t know which city to choose. I knew that our first French Elska shouldn’t be in Paris. That would be too obvious. So I decided to put it to a public vote, letting readers decide which city to feature. Lyon was the winner.

‘Part of what I find so interesting about Elska is how it breaks stereotypes. I came to France thinking that the people would be brash and oversexed. But really the guys we met showed a softer side. They were more on the shy side. So in the end Elska Lyon is perhaps our most demure issue.

‘As usual each of the 15 participants wrote a personal story to help you get to know them and gay life in their city. The things the guys write about and the way in which they express themselves always gives clues about a particular destination’s culture. In the case of Lyon, the most marked feature is that the men here are very romantic. There’s heartbreak, longing, crushes. Even a rather poetic list of conquests!

‘Of course I knew that France was famous for its beautiful cities, and I knew that France has been for many years the most visited country in the world by tourists. But I wasn’t actually ready for the incredible level of gorgeousness that the city offered. It’s just the perfect idea of an ancient European town, full of fantastic architecture, charming alleyways, and cute bridges. It’s probably the most lovely setting of any Elska we’ve done yet.

‘This is our twentieth issue in our twentieth city, having been to cities all over the world, including in India, England, Japan, South Africa, Turkey, Wales, Iceland, Colombia, and more.

‘Elska Lyon was absolutely one of the most enjoyable issues to make yet. There was something about the pace of life down that made us take our time a bit more. Even in rush hour, the transport was never too crowded, and people seemed to stroll rather than rush like you get in other big cities. Making Elska is always something special, but this trip felt more like a holiday than work.

‘Aside from our Elska Magazine Lyon issue, we also produce a companion e-zine called Elska Ekstra Lyon. In it there’s behind the scenes tales, outtakes, and two extra guys from Lyon who weren’t in the main mag.’

To see a list of where Elska Magazine is sold around the world and also to order a copy online, visit

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