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Elton John backs Clooney’s Brunei hotel boycott over anti-LGBTI law

Elton John backs Clooney’s Brunei hotel boycott over anti-LGBTI law

Elton John

Elton John has joined George Clooney’s boycott of luxury hotels owned by the Sultan of Brunei after the nation has announced it will introduce the death penalty for gay people.

Earlier this week, the actor and filmmaker penned an op-ed, demanding a boycott of exclusive hotels owned by the Sultan of Brunei. One of the hotels is the famous Beverly Hills Hotel, which was popular with celebrities, including LGBTI public figures.

Despite the public outcry, the tiny nation of Brunei might now hand a death sentence to anyone found guilty of homosexual acts or adultery. Punishments include whipping and stoning.

Love is a basic human right

The Rocket Man singer is the latest celebrity to answer Clooney’s call.

John revealed he has long refused to stay at hotels owned by the Sultan, including London’s The Dorchester and 45 Park Lane.

‘I believe that love is love and being able to love as we choose is a basic human right,’ John said in a tweet.

‘Wherever we go, my husband David and I deserve to be treated with dignity and respect – as do each and every one of the millions of LGBTQ+ people around the world.’

He then addressed George Clooney’s boycott.

‘I commend my friend, #GeorgeClooney, for taking a stand against the anti-gay discrimination and bigotry taking place in the nation of #Brunei – a place where gay people are brutalized, or worse – by boycotting the Sultan’s hotels.’

In a further tweet, John addressed the LGBTI employees of the hotels.

‘Our hearts go out to the good, hardworking employees of properties owned by the Sultan of Brunei, many of whom we know to be gay.’

The hotels to boycott

He then admitted he and his husband David Furnish, with whom he tied the knot in 2014, ‘have long refused’ to stay at these hotels.

‘We must send a message, however we can, that such treatment is unacceptable,’ he tweeted.

He furthermore ad ‘That’s why David and I have long refused to stay at these hotels and will continue to do so. We hope you will join us in solidarity.’

Finally, he included a list of the hotels to boycott. The hotels also include two in Paris and two in Italy, in Rome and Milan.

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