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Elton John receives ‘significant’ libel damages over dog attack story

Elton John receives ‘significant’ libel damages over dog attack story

Elton John

London’s High Court awarded Elton John ‘significant’ damages in a libel case over a ‘seriously defamatory’ story The Sun ran.

John and his husband, David Furnish, brought the case against News Group Newspapers months ago. In February, The Sun published a front-page story about the couple’s spaniel biting a five-year-old girl at their home in 2016.

In the article, the author wrote the girl was ‘subjected to a serious attack’. Further, they alleged John nor his husband ever inquired to see how the girl was doing.

Several other publishers also picked up the story and ran it.

‘The truth is that the injuries were not serious, and the claimants, far from ignoring the incident, made several inquiries about the girl’s welfare to her father and nanny,’ Solicitor Jenny Afia argued in court.

According to reports of the case, The Sun ‘accepted unequivocally that this allegation was false and seriously defamatory’.

They have agreed to apologize for the story, as well as pay damages and reimburse legal costs.

‘The defendant offers its apology to the claimants and is pleased that the matter has been amicably resolved,’ said Jeffrey Smele, solicitor for them.

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