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Can email still be considered an effective marketing tool in 2017?

Can email still be considered an effective marketing tool in 2017?

Can Email Still be Considered an Effective Marketing Tool in 2017? Image: Pixabay

It is no secret that social media has taken up the bulk of our attention in the last few years when it comes to digital marketing, but does it mean an email is no longer an effective marketing tool in 2017? On the contrary, email continues to enjoy a very high rate of success in digital marketing, especially when it comes to B2B communications. Let us now take a look to see what makes it so successful, even in this age of booming social media marketing.

Pinpoint Targeting

Social media has come a long way and Facebook in particular with its multiple demographic tools, have made sure that targeted marketing is more accurate than ever before on a social media platform. However, it still is not nearly as precise as email and that’s a significant advantage. All you need to do is make sure that the contact email you have are authentic by using an e-mail checker and you will be reaching the exact people and businesses that you want to reach. There’s also the opportunity to customize emails for the most important customers, thus adding a personal touch to your missives.

Brand Recognition

When it comes to business-2-business clients, social media has little impact on them. Direct mail marketing used to have a profound effect in this regard. Nowadays, however, it has virtually become obsolete because email does the same work of exposing your brand by directly reaching potential customers, without the expenses of printing, designing, and paper. Companies tend to respond more to proper business emails with quantifiable data, benefits, costs, etc., than gimmicky social media posts. However, make no mistake, an email is still a powerful tool when it comes B2C marketing as well. Amazon has made it into an art form by sending very few targeted emails to their retail customers, but these emails have a very high conversion rate.

You can Track Your Success

It would be very unfair to say that social media does not have these features because most of the popular platforms do have them, but once again, it’s about specific knowledge rather than anything else. By simply checking the data regarding open-rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates, you can determine whether or not your current campaign is a success. In fact, when you delve into the details that business email providers have now made available to businesses, you will even be able to understand what aspect of your marketing emails to change. This, of course, enables not only deduction but significant improvements based on those deductions.

Email is a major player in business communications because it is targeted and specific, but it’s also effective because it’s a formal platform. Digital as it may be, business is still a formal sector and social media is anything but formal. That doesn’t mean social media isn’t an effective tool for B2B business, but email continues to be a more preferred option for most businesses, B2B or B2C.