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Emails: Kim Davis sees herself as ‘soldier for Christ’ whose ‘battle has just begun’

Emails: Kim Davis sees herself as ‘soldier for Christ’ whose ‘battle has just begun’

Kim Davis has finally relented

Kim Davis sees herself a ‘soldier for Christ’ whose ‘battle has just begun,’ her emails to supporters reveal.

The Kentucky clerk was jailed for five days last month after she defied a Supreme Court order by refusing to issue grant marriage licenses to gay couples, sparking a national debate about religious freedom in public service.

Her emails, obtained by the Associated Press under the Kentucky open records law, shed light onto her religious fervor in the weeks leading up to her imprisonment.

‘The battle has just begun,’ she wrote to a supporter in July, hours after four gay couples filed a federal lawsuit against her.

‘It has truly been a firestorm here and the days are pretty much a blur, but I am confident that God is in control of all of this!!

‘I desire your prayers, I will need strength that only God can supply and I need a backbone like a saw log!!’

A man from Somerset named Willie Ramsey asked whether her lawyers and supporters would protect her from ‘the wicked threatening homosexual mob,’ and offered block the door to the courthouse where she works if the police came to arrest her.

‘They are going to try and make a whipping post out of me!!’ she wrote back.

‘I know it, but God is still alive and on the throne!!! He IS in control and knows exactly where I am!!’

Davis wrote again to Ramsey in August about the looming deadline set by a federal judge for her to start issuing marriage licenses again.

‘September 1 will be the day to prepare for, if the Lord doesn’t return before then,’ she said.

‘I have weighed the cost, and will stay the course.’