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Emma Watson throws her support behind trans rights

Emma Watson throws her support behind trans rights

Emma Watson stands with her arms folded up in strength stance, her white t-shirt reads, trans rights are human rights

Emma Watson has shown her support for trans rights as the debate on the UK’s Gender Recognition Act (GRA) intensifies.

The Harry Potter star shared a photo of herself on Twitter. She’s wearing a white t-shirt that reads ‘Trans Rights are Human Rights’.

Alongside a love heart and a raised fist emoji, Watson tagged leading LGBTI and trans advocacy groups in the tweet.

Gender Recognition Act

Watson’s tweet comes just hours before the deadline to make submissions to a public consultation about changes to the GRA.

Introduced in 2004, trans advocates have long called for an update to the GRA so it is more reflective of the times. One of the changes proposed is to allow trans people to self-identify their gender without going through costly and bureaucratic procedures.

But that proposal has been controversial among anti-trans groups. Even the prestigious newspaper The Guardian said the UK should take ‘pause for reflection’ before making changes to the GRA.

‘Women’s concerns about sharing dormitories or changing rooms with “male-bodied” people must be taken seriously. These are not just questions of safety but of dignity and fairness,’ it wrote in a controversial op-ed.

But trans advocate, Jake Graf, said the trans community simply wants equal rights.

‘The transgender community are particularly vulnerable; our men are practically invisible in society, our children are viciously bullied in schools, non-binary people are wildly misunderstood and our women portrayed as the worst kind of predators,’ Graf wrote for Gay Star News.

‘We are not predators, nor are we asking for anything more than the same rights as anyone else. We want to simply be ourselves. The right to self identify has long been law in Malta, Denmark, Argentina, Portugal and Ireland, with no abuses of those systems. With so many case studies out there, why would the UK be any different?

‘92% of people have never knowingly met anyone transgender, and 50 years ago most had not met anyone openly gay. Hearts and minds had to open for the gay rights movement to succeed, and all that we ask is the same happen for us.’

Public consultation for the GRA close tomorrow, Friday 19 October. Make your voice heard here.

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