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Emmerdale star Kelvin Fletcher on his ‘saucy’ gay fans

Emmerdale star Kelvin Fletcher on his ‘saucy’ gay fans

It’s no surprise that English actor and model Kelvin Fletcher has plenty of gay fans.

The 3o-year-old, who has played Andy Sugden in the long-running television soap opera Emmerdale since 1996, is the definition of beefcake.

And some of those gay fans have been very direct and clear about how they feel about the hunky star.

‘Most of my saucy comments are from gay guys. Some of them are pretty explicit in the things they say, especially on Twitter,’ the actor told The Sun this week.

‘There are some fan pages for gay men, who send the most crazy stuff. It’s funny. I’ve had women telling me I’m bloody gorgeous but I haven’t had any kinky pictures. Everything’s been quite tame… from the women!’

Not that Fletcher particularly minds.

He is gay friendly enough to have for a sexy cover of the gay British magazine Attitude in 2011 and in the video below, says of the attention from gay men: ‘It’s welcome.’