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WATCH: Teary non-binary activist's empowering graduation speech

Get the tissues, this speech deserved its standing ovation.

WATCH: Teary non-binary activist's empowering graduation speech
Fox Fisher is a non-binary activist, documentary maker and artist

Non-binary activist and documentary maker Fox Fisher has been recognized by Brighton University with an honorary doctorate.

At the ceremony, Fisher gave an empowering and inspiring speech that received a standing ovation.

They are best known for the Channel 4’s documentary My Transsexual Summer.

However, this was the inspiration to create their own documentary and film work after having to ‘simplify’ their experience for that project. Fisher has been a prominent non-binary voice ever since.

Fisher created films for a number of international organizations and is an advisor to All About Trans, who bring trans and non-binary people together with senior media professionals, to inspire better reporting and coverage of trans matters.

Their activism leads them to speak on a number of public platforms including in the media. Most recently with their other half Owl, they were on Good Morning Britain with Piers Morgan.

Morgan went on to be extremely offensive to people who identify beyond the binary.

In the speech, Fisher says ‘I’m very grateful this went from a 4-minute feature to a 15-minute segment.’

It has since brought much attention to non-binary people across the press.

Writing about the speech below the YouTube video Fisher said:

‘I had no idea it was going to be this emotional and the whole day was really special.’

The honorary Doctor of the Arts that Brighton University awarded Fisher says:

‘in recognition of their major contribution to raising the profile, both nationally and internationally, of issues affecting trans people and the promotion of arts in the media.’

Holding back tears before they gave the speech, Fox then went on to bring the whole house down with emotions, inspiration and home truths about living beyond the binary:

Non-binary people still have much to fight for

Fox used the speech to identify where in the world non-binary rights are strong.

One example they highlight is New Zealand, where birth certificates can record sex as ‘indeterminate’ at the time of birth. This is an important right for intersex and those who may later define as

This is an important right for intersex and those who may later define as non-binary.

However, Fisher’s example is an exception, not the rule.

They used their graduation speech to call on legal and social recognition globally, including the right to have an X on your passport and the right to marry too.

However, we’ll leave you with one quote that sticks with us.

‘Identities are not up for debate’

Try arguing with that Piers Morgan.

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