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English Defence League extremists meet regularly in gay bar

English Defence League extremists meet regularly in gay bar

Islamophobic hate group English Defence League (EDL) meet up in a London gay bar after protests, it was revealed today.

The group, known for having some racist and homophobic members, chose to meet up at Halfway to Heaven yesterday (27 May).

Since the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby, a British soldier hacked to death in Woolwich, east London, the group have organized protests against Islam around the country.

On Twitter, a member posted: ‘Lots of patriots in the halfway to heaven bar in charing cross #edl #woolwich’

Another said: ‘Get to halfway to heaven a lot of lads there #edl #antifa’

A tweet, which pointed out there ‘was indeed a lot of lads there’ as it was a gay bar, quickly went viral.

It is believed the EDL members who were at Halfway to Heaven also attended a protest where around 500 people chanted ‘Muslim killers off our streets’, ‘We hate David Cameron’, and held placards reading ‘GB RIP’ in central London.

Later that day, one Twitter user asked a supporter of the EDL why the group would choose to meet in a gay bar when the ‘vast majority of [the members] are [homophobic]’.

The EDL supporter responded by saying it was not the first time the EDL have chosen to use Halfway to Heaven as a meeting place. They said: ‘Its (sic) where they always meet you fucking gimp.’

In a statement made to Gay Star News, a spokesperson for Halfway to Heaven said they were unaware there was a group representing EDL in the bar yesterday.

They said: ‘No arrangement was made directly with the pub regarding any meeting or gathering. No visual identification of the group was evident and there were no disturbances or issues within the business on the day.

‘No complaints were received and it was a normal, busy, Bank Holiday trading weekend at the pub.

‘As a company support is not given to any political party or group.’