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Equal marriage and adoption rights official in France

Equal marriage and adoption rights official in France

French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault announced in parliament yesterday that by this time next year gay couples will be able to marry and adopt children, with equal rights to straight couples.

In a speech introducing the new Socialist government’s five-year plan, Ayrault said:

‘In the first half of 2013, the right to marriage and adoption will be open to all couples, without discrimination. Our society is evolving, lifestyles and mentalities are changing. The government will respond to that.’

When the legislation comes through France will join Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Norway in the group of European countries that allow same-sex marriage and adoption by gay couples.

Equal marriage and adoption rights for gay people was part of new president François Hollande’s election campaign.

Prime Minister Ayrault hinted last Friday (29 June) that gay couples might be able to get married in the next few months, but the announcement in parliament yesterday just confirmed gay marriage would be in place by 2013.

Revellers at last Saturday (30 June)’s Paris Gay Pride parade celebrated the promise of equal marriage rights with placards that read ‘le marriage pout tous’ (marriage for all).

A recent official poll in France by IFOP showed that gay people make up 6.5% of the French electorate, compared to 4.5% who are practising Catholics.