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Equal Marriage campaign is shortlisted for Scottish Charity Awards

Equal Marriage campaign is shortlisted for Scottish Charity Awards

Equal Marriage has been recognized for its efforts to legalize LGBT marriage in Scotland. The charity supported campaign has been listed for ‘Campaign of the Year’ and the ‘People’s Choice’ at the Scottish Charity Awards.

The campaign has been running since 2008 and aims to change the law to allow same sex couples to get married.

It also fights for faith and belief groups to conduct same-sex marriage and to end the requirement that transgender people must divorce before attaining Gender Recognition.

Tim Hopkins, director for the Equality Network is delighted by the nomination: ‘The fact that the Equal Marriage campaign has been shortlisted for the Scottish Charity Awards is a fitting tribute to the efforts of LGBT people, and their supporters, who have fought for equal rights over many decades and in the face of much adversity.’

The nomination couldn’t have come at a better time to round up support for The Marriage and Civil Partnership Bill, which is set to go ahead in Scotland this summer. MSPs will have the opportunity to vote for equal marriage.

The public also have an opportunity to vote for Equal Marriage in the ‘People’s Choice’ category. Supporters can vote for the campaign here.

Hopkins added: ‘As Scotland moves towards full equality for LGBT people, we are honored the judges have chosen to recognize this important and historic movement. It is a mark of just how far we’ve come as a society that the fight for LGBT equality is now being recognized and celebrated.’