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Estonian Archbishop denounces Pastor’s support of same-sex marriage

Estonian Archbishop denounces Pastor’s support of same-sex marriage

Viilma says 'the church still believes that homosexual practices are a sin'

An Estonian Archbishop has denounced a statement from a Pastor that supports civil partnerships.

Pastor Annika Laats was appeared on national television in Estonia when she made the claims.

Laats explained: ‘ I am willing to say that I take God very seriously, and that is the reason why I am appearing on this program today.

She was appearing on a program called ‘Cleanse your mouth’.

Laats continued: ‘That is the reason why over the years I have stood up for gay people — because I take God incredibly seriously.

As far as I know and trust God and have placed my life in his hands, I know him as merciful — merciful and loving, who looks upon all people, including everyone in this studio and those watching at home, and all of them are made in his image.

‘And he wants for us to be in harmony, reconciled with him, and reconciled among ourselves. And he does not want rifts — and that is the road we are going down now.’

Pastor Laats was speaking in response to a bill that has been introduced by a Jaak Madison, a member of Estonia’s Conservative Party.

The bill looks to repeal the country’s Registered Partnership Act.

Laats said she couldn’t understand why Jaak Madison had introduced the bill. She described it as ‘utterly merciless.’

Pastor Annika Laats is a member of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church.

‘Marriage is only an alliance between men and women’

When Archbishop Urmas Viilmad heard her comments, he was not impressed.

Viilma took to his Facebook to make a statement regarding what Laats had said.

He explained: ‘Unfortunately, I have to confirm that Annika Laats basically supports the views of the partnership and the view that the church should bless the same gender relations, but it is against them.’

Viilma explains while the church does not support same-sex marriage, they do not condone the ‘persecution of homosexual people.’

He continues: ‘The Church’s position remains that homosexual practice, as well as heterosexual sexual relations, is against God’s will. This is why it is a sin.

‘The Church is still in the biblical view that marriage is only an alliance between men and women. God set this. Therefore, it is not the right of a person to amend it.’