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Is The Eternals the first Marvel movie with a gay protagonist?

Is The Eternals the first Marvel movie with a gay protagonist?

Ikaris, one of the protagonists of The Eternals.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe might be about to welcome its first LGBTI protagonist played by an openly gay actor.

New movie The Eternals, off the 1976 comics created by James Kirby, will focus on the group of defenders and their war against The Defiants.

What do we know?

The film reportedly has a 2020 release date. Last year, the studio hired Matthew and Ryan Firpo to pen the script.

Then, Marvel hired The Rider director Chloé Zhao to helm The Eternals in September 2018. As for filming, principal photography will begin in September 2019.

Now the studio seems to be on the lookout for an openly gay actor to fill the role of the LGBTI character.

According to That Hashtag Show, Marvel is looking to ideally cast an openly gay actor as one of the film’s leads. He might be of any ethnicity, aged 30-49, and needs to ‘physically look like a superhero’.

The character

It is not known if the character will be new, as none of the characters in the comics are gay.

It’s also unclear whether this character is one from the Marvel Comics or one of the twelve teased in the character breakdowns.

These characters are Karen, Druig, Piper, Elysius, Forgotten One, Ikaris, Makkari, Sersi, Starfox, Thena, Zuras. Moreover, there is an unnamed Greek God character. All of the roles appear to be open to any and all ethnicities.

The identity of the gay Eternals character is still a secret. However, he will have a major presence in the film alongside other leads Sersi, Ikaris and Piper.

LGBTI actors in Marvel movies

If Marvel does cast an LGBTI actor in the role of a gay character in Eternals, that would be a first for the studio.

While there have been LGBTI actors playing Marvel superheroes in the past, their characters were either straight or their sexuality was undisclosed.

Think about the original X-Men trilogy, starring Ian McKellen, Alan Cumming, Ellen Page, and Anna Paquin.

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