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Belgrade among the five cities that could host EuroPride 2022

Belgrade among the five cities that could host EuroPride 2022

Belgrade Pride 2017

For the first time in the history of EuroPride, five different Prides are competing to host the event in 2022.

The bidding organisations are Barcelona Pride, Belgrade Pride, Dublin Pride, Variações & ILGA Portugal, and Winter Pride Maspalomas.

Whichever wins will follow in the footsteps of recent hosts Riga, Amsterdam, Madrid, and Stockholm and Gothenburg.

Significantly, 2022 will also mark the thirtieth anniversary of EuroPride, established in 1992.

Vienna 2019, who’s next?

It will be the Austrian capital to host this year’s EuroPride in June. After Vienna, it will be Thessaloniki’s turn in 2020 and Copenhagen’s in 2021.

Organizations will present each of the bids at the annual general meeting of the European Pride Organisers Association (EPOA). The meeting will take place in Bilbao, Spain, in September 2019. Every member organisation has one vote.

‘This year the Pride movement marks fifty years since the Stonewall uprising in New York that led to the birth of our movement, and so it’s wonderful that we have such excitement and interest in EuroPride in such an important year,’ Kristine Garina, President of the European Pride Organisers Association, said.

‘I know that all the bids for EuroPride 2022 will have human rights, LGBTI equality and political campaigns at their heart. Pride is a movement for fairness and equality, and I am excited to see the bids and to find out who will host Europe’s most important LGBTI event in 2022.’

Belgrade bidding to host EuroPride

Belgrade is among the cities bidding to host EuroPride in 2022.

‘Serbia is still fighting institutionalised homophobia and transphobia as well as lack of acceptance in the general public. Although the status quo is not yet favorable towards sexual and gender minorities, we have made substantial progress, making Belgrade Pride the biggest in all non-EU countries in the region,’ Goran Miletić, of Belgrade Pride, said.

‘Although the first Prides in 2001 and 2010 were met with violence, and the Prides of 2011/12/13 were banned by the government – the activists have fought long and hard to successfully organise since 2014. Belgrade Pride has grown to become safe, diverse and a hub for activists from the whole region.

‘Our community needs to grow stronger and EuroPride 2022 is crucial in helping us in that mission. EuroPride will draw greater attention to the unique problems the LGBT+ people are facing in the Balkans.’

The bids will be published on 29 July, while the result will be announced on the afternoon of 21 September.

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