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Eurovision: Join 250 Million Viewers for the Gayest Night on TV

Eurovision: Join 250 Million Viewers for the Gayest Night on TV

The Eurovision Song Contest final takes place in Stockholm on Saturday evening with an estimated global TV audience of over 250 million people, making it one of the most watched programs in the world. For the first time, Eurovision will be aired live in China and the USA.

Gay Star News have been in Stockholm all week, from the red carpet to the semi-finals, the show creators and artists have shown us this year would be a very inclusive show.

The final is a spectacular showpiece with the Swedish hosts pulling off another great show co-hosted by last year’s winner Måns Zelmerlöw and Swedish TV personality Petra Mede. The interval features a special appearance by Justin Timberlake who will be promoting his new song “Can’t Stop the Feeling” by Swedish producer Max Martin.

It’s sure to be an exciting night to see who takes home the crown. Earlier this week 36 countries competed for 20 places in tonight’s final, and they are joined by “the Big 5” and last year’s winner, Sweden. Gay Star News were at the rehearsals and here’s our guide to the best songs:

RUSSIA – You’re The Only One

Russia is the hot favorite to win and have spent a vast amount of money on creating the perfect Eurovision pop song, performed by the sexy Sergey Lazarev, who is one of Russia’s biggest pop stars.

Visually spectacular and instantly catchy this really is the one to beat which has many fans worried about the prospect of a trip to Russia next year.

AUSTRALIA – Sound Of Silence

Last year Australia were invited to participate as a one-off as part of Eurovision’s 60th anniversary celebrations. After finishing a very creditable fifth in Vienna, the Aussies have been asked back again and seem set to stay.

This time around they have chosen Korean singer and Australian X-Factor winner Dami Im with the powerful ballad “Sound of Silence”. Dami’s flawless vocals may and elegant performance may just be enough to pip Russia to the title.

SWEDEN – If I Were Sorry

Victory in 2015 gave Sweden their 6th Eurovision win meaning now they are just one victory away from equaling Ireland’s seven titles. Can they win again on home soil?

Frans has the most modern sounding and radio friendly songs which has already been a huge online hit across Europe. He’s just 17 years old and had a confidence and cheekiness that will likely see him be at the top of the leaderboard.

FRANCE – J’ai Cherché

If Eurovision has a best smile contest then French-Israeli Amir Hammad would win hands down.

The fans have been going mad for him all week and the song has an infectious beat making it a real crowd pleaser.

ITALY – No Degree Of Separation

The Italians have kept up their recent reputation of quality songs with and solid effort by Francesca Michelin which is expected to do well.

Beautifully presented on stage, the dual language song speaks of breaking down barriers between people.

UKRAINE – 1944

Ukraine are back after a one year absence and have ruffled many (Russian) feathers with their song titled 1944.

Jamala’s song is undoubtedly the most political of the entries this years as it tells the story of the Tatars who were deported from Crimea in the year 1944. Many Russian politicians denounced the song claiming it was political and in reference to the annexation of Crimea in 2014.

However the European Broadcasting Union have disagreed stating that the song breaks no rules so is allowed unedited. Ukraine aren’t likely to get many points from Russia!

SPAIN – Say Yay

For the first time ever, Spain have sent a song entirely in English called “Say Yay” by Barei which has fans dancing along in the hall.


Bisexual singer Douwe Bob presents his mid-tempo country number for the Dutch. Douwe told GSN at the opening ceremony on Sunday thay he didn’t come out of the closet because he was never in!

ISRAEL – Made Of Stars

Gay singer Hovi Star has been wowing the audiences this week with soaring vocals on his ballad Made of Stars.

Hovi gave an interview with GSN this week asking fans not to boo Russia.

As well as the winners, Eurovision fans eagerly await to see who comes last as countries hope to avoid the dreaded “nul points”. Who is likely to be at the bottom?

GERMAY – Ghost

Jamie-Lee Kreiwitz will be wearing one of the most memorable outifts of the night with her Japanese inspired costume. Sadly the clothes are the high spot in an otherwise dull number which may give the Germans their second consecutive last place!

Who do you think will be the winner? Watch the show and share your favorites with Gay Star News.