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Eurovision Final 2012: Your A-Z guide

Eurovision Final 2012: Your A-Z guide

The 57th Eurovision Song Contest Final is almost upon us, and with 26 countries competing in the final on Saturday (26 May), we are in for a long night! Here’s an A-Z guide for the final:

A– Age. With 76 year-old Engelbert Humperdinck and the Russian grannies battling it out, this year has appeal for both the younger and older generations.

B– Blindfold. Watch Donny from Lithuania declare that ‘Love is Blind’ whilst donning a sparkling blindfold.

C– Crystal Hall, built in just eight months it is the amazing arena for the final. The spectacular lights and lasers on the outside of the building illuminate the Baku skyline.

D– Divas. This year has many with 3 of the big 5 offering female soloists with big voices, none more so than Italy’s Nina Zilli giving us some Boom BoomBoom.

E– Engelbert. One of the biggest names ever to appear at Eurovision, Mr Humperdinck has sold over 150 million albums worldwide, though singing first will hamper his chances of success.

F– France. Sexy Anggun is originally from Indonesia and her backing singers are some of the hottest on stage with amazing break-dancing.

G– Germany. This year’s entry from Deutschland is heartthrob Roman Lob. Appearing in his trademark cap wherever he goes he has been a favorite amongst the boys and girls in Baku.

H– Hungary. Doomed to failure after being drawn in second place from which no country has ever won.

I– Ivi Adamou. La La love is the Cypriot entry from Ivi. This ultimate gay disco stomper and has already been heard in clubs around the world.

J– Jedward. Those crazy twins have made it yet again to the final with their catchy pop tune, ‘Waterline’ and with a good draw at 23, could better their eighth place finish of last year.

K– Kurt Calleja. A surprise finalist, Kurt from Malta will show us some nifty dance moves across the stage and will be hoping that ‘This is the Night’ for him.

L– Loreen. Of Moroccon-Berber origin, Loreen is Sweden’s hope for victory with ‘Euphoria’. It’s a terrific club number that could be a huge global hit. Currently hot favorite to win the competition.

M– Moldova. One of our favorites is the last song of the night, and is perhaps one of the campest too. The slick, sassy dance routine alone is worth douze points.

N– Norway. Tooji is compared to Sweden’s Eric Saade in 2011 , both being Scandanavian hot guys. Can Toji’s ethnic pop song replicate Eric’s top three finish of last year?

O– Ott Leplund. The Estonia singer is one of the most adorable guys to perform and many hearts will be won by his stunning good looks as well as his moving ballad ‘Kuula’.

P– Portugal. They have never won Eurovision despite entering almost every year since the start of the competition in 1956. That bad run continues this year as, yet again, they failed to make it to the final.

Q– ‘Quedate Conmingo’. PastoraSoler from Spain has a beautiful ballad but may deliberately sing a few off-key notes to ensure her country don’t have to host the 2013 competition due to Spain’s financial woes!

R– Russia. Quite possibly the winners this year and who can resist the charm of the six grannies from Udmurtia. A return to Russia for Eurovision may be overshadowed by the recent LGBT issues and might not be such a ‘party for everybody’.

S– Screaming. There’s lots of it going on from Macedonia’s Kaliopi and Albania’s Rona Nishliu who stretches her lung to the limit belting out ‘Suus’.

T– Turkey. After missing out on the final for the first time in 2011, Turkey come storming back with ‘Love Me Back’ by cute singer, Can Bomo, who will ask you to sail in his ship.

U– Ukraine. They qualify every year and have done so again with the party song ‘Be My Guest’ also to be used as the anthem for the 2012 European Football Championships

V– Voting. Bound to be as political and controversial as ever. The ex-Soviets will vote for each other and 12 points from Cyprus to Greece is the most certain thing ever.

W– ‘When The Music Dies’. Azerbaijan’s song for 2012 is not expected to bring another triumph for the home country but this ballad should ensure respectability for Sabina Babayeva.

X– X-Factor. Will Simon Cowell be tuning in to watch the final after his unkind words about the United Kingdom entry? The music guru is reportedly offering to step in to resuscitate the UK’s fortunes in 2013.

Y– Yerevan. The capital of Armenia is bound to be quiet place on Eurovision night as their bitter rivals host the contest. Politics meant that Armenia withdrew this year due to concerns over their safety in an ongoing war with Azerbaijan.

Z– ‘Zaleilah’. The title of the Cuban/Romanian fusion dance track by Romanian band Mandinga will surely get hips swiveling and votes cast from all over Europe.

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