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7 unmissable acts from Eurovision’s second semi-final

7 unmissable acts from Eurovision’s second semi-final

Followng Tuesday’s Eurovision first semi-final where the Russia act was booed, tonight sees the next 15 countries take to the stage for a chance to be in the Grand Final on Saturday.

Gay Star News was at the rehearsal for tonight’s show which promises many more unforgettable moments.

This semi-final includes favorites Greece, which inventively uses a full size trampoline for their song, and Ireland who somewhat more predictably have two men riverdancing in kilts. Here are seven more acts that will definitely catch the eye!


Everybody is talking about Conchita Wurst (aka Tom Neuwirth). She has proved controversial as the bearded drag performer and has even had some other countries trying to get her banned.

Petitions in Russia and Belarus to get her withdrawn have been unsuccessful. A Belorussian petition accused Conchita of turning Eurovision into a ‘hotbed of sodomy’!

This will definitely be the most talked about song of the night.


Teo is singing a very cheesy song called Cheesecake for Belarus. He was forced to change the lyrics of the song because they included Google Maps, and no product names can be mentioned in Eurovision songs (San Marino suffered the same fate in 2012 when The Facebook Song had to be changed to The Social Network Song).

He is cute and fun but his cheesecake may be too sickly for some.


Tijana is certainly one of the main characters of Eurovision 2014 and easily recognized by her tall frame and blonde hair. She describes herself as a party girl and told GSN that we would have a great time in Macedonia in all the gay clubs!

To the Sky is an uptempo, disco number which she hopes will propel her to the final.


The Shin, a fusion jazz band are preforming for Georgia. Perhaps the best way to describe the Georgian entry would be ‘unique’.

Views on the songs are at polar opposites with some suggesting it is a ‘work of genius’ but many others claiming that the song ‘Three Minutes to Earth’ is three minutes too long.


Mei Finegold is a feisty girl delivering an awesome pop tune.

She spends a lot of time volunteering with Human Rights Organizations and is widely tipped to give Israel its best finish since 1998 when transsexual singer Dana International won with Viva La Diva. We expect Israel to qualify for the first time in four years.


This year Malta is represented by Firelight, a family country-folk band. Malta have never won the competition and hope to improve on that record and have been promoting their song all over Copenhagen.

They say the infectious tune is poignant for the thousands of emigrants who travel across Europe for work. The video also commemorates 100 years since the First World War.


Donatan and Cleo are representing Poland who are back in the competition after a two-year absence.

Their song My Slowianie (English version is Slavic Girls) will probably be best remembered for the somewhat erotic video which has proven to be a Youtube sensation.

On stage they have two women washing clothes and suggestively churning milk in a titillating performance.

The interval act features bouncing kangaroos and men in tight Aussie Rules Football kit as Australia are welcomed to the contest.

Australia has a huge number of Eurovision fans who avidly tune in each year. Former Australian Pop Idol runner-up Jessica Mauboy also performs.

The second-semi final starts tonight at 2100 (CET).