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Eurovision websites hacked in gay hate attack

Eurovision websites hacked in gay hate attack

Prominent Eurovison website, and other fan sites have been hacked today in an apparent anti-gay cyber attack.

The group behind the attack claim that Eurovision, the prominent European song contest which is coming to Azerbaijan over the next week, backs gay pride.

Years of work and articles have been lost in the attack carried out by an unknown group who posted a chilling picture and statement which translates as: ‘What will gays bring to Azerbaijan? What will happen in Azerbaijani families after gay pride?

‘There is no place to immoral gays in Azerbaijan. Leave our country, no place to stay in Azerbaijan for gays who look like animals.’

Below it continues: ‘There is no place for the evil in this country, we paint blue to red blood.’

The official Azeri (Azerbaijani) website, is also currently being targeted and just last month the official site also suffered a deliberate attempt to bring down the website.

There has been no official comment yet from Azeri officials or the European Broadcasting Union.