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Eurovision worker dies after lighting rig accident in Israel

Eurovision worker dies after lighting rig accident in Israel

two photos one of the eurovision stage the other of an older man in a yellow t-shirt

An Israeli man has died from his injuries after a lighting rig fell on him during the setup for the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Israel.

Fuldi Schwartz, 66, died after he suffered serious injuries in the accident on Monday (13 May) in Tel Aviv.

A lighting rig fell on Schwartz as he unloaded equipment from a truck near the Eurovision venue. He suffered serious head injuries, broken ribs, a punctured lung and spinal injury.

Schwartz was rushed to the Ichilov Hospital for emergency brain surgery but his condition worsened on Tuesday. Ichilov doctors pronounced him dead at 1am on Wednesday morning.

One of his children, Erez, told news site Ynet that the family couldn’t understand how the accident happened.

‘We don’t blame anyone at this point, but how is it possible that at an event as large as Eurovision, with so much money invested, so much supervision and security, something so terrible can still happen?’ Erez said.

Eurovision officials released a statement regarding Schwartz’s death.

‘We are greatly saddened by the death of the driver who was injured this week while unloading a truck with technical equipment in the parking lot of the Eurovision venue in Tel Aviv. Our thoughts and condolences go to his family,’ they said in a statement.

‘Our priority is always for the safety and security of everyone involved with the Eurovision Song Contest and, in line with protocol, we are cooperating with the authorities.’

Police and the Safety and Workplace Health Department are investigating the incident.