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Even Donald Trump’s supporters don’t agree with his anti-LGBT+ stance

Even Donald Trump’s supporters don’t agree with his anti-LGBT+ stance

  • Poll indicates that homophobia and transphobia doesn’t actually win elections.
Trump in a MAGA cap.

President Donald Trump’s supporters don’t share his attitude towards LGBT+ rights and actually support equality.

That’s according to a poll looking at voters in key swing states which could decide the US election result on 3 November.

Hart Research Associates and LGBT+ organization the Human Rights Campaign, analyzed data from 400 likely voters in Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia, Iowa, North Carolina, Ohio and Texas.

In all states, voters supported marriage equality, adoption rights and transgender people serving in the military.

Moreover, at least 87% of Trump supporters polled believe ‘transgendered people should have full access to medical care’. That’s something Trump has repeatedly attacked.

Meanwhile a minimum of 60% in each state want transgender people to be able to live freely and openly.

The poll asked voters if they would be more or less in favor of a candidate who opposed LGBT+ rights. Across all the states, 41% to 51% said they would look at an anti-LGBT+ candidate less favorably. By contrast, just 5% to 11% would see that candidate more favorably.

JoDee Winterhof, senior vice president of policy and political affairs for the Human Rights Campaign, said:

‘I think if you look at this in its entirety, the thing that is missing for many conservatives out there is that they think LGBTQ issues are a really big wedge. And those days are gone.’

‘LGBTQ+ equality is on the ballot’

The poll also asked voters whether the next Supreme Court justice should be pro-LGBT+. Nearly half or more of all voters in all the swing states responded the next justice should support LGBT+ rights.

Many campaigners believe Trump’s choice of Amy Coney Barrett as the next justice would risk LGBT+ rights, including same-sex marriage. However, her supporters deny this.

But despite his supporters’ attitudes, Trump has become more anti-LGBT+ as he prepares for the election.

Indeed, gay former presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg has warned ‘LGBTQ+ equality is on the ballot’ at the election.

He is supporting Democratic nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden. Biden has promised to proritize LGBT+ rights if he wins the election on 3 November.

Despite this clear divide, one poll by gay hook-up app Hornet indicated up to 45% of gay men will vote for Trump.

However, that poll was far from scientific. By sharp contrast, professional pollsters at Pathfinder Opinion Research found that 76% of LGBT+ voters back Biden with just 17% planning to back Donald Trump.

Meanwhile Biden is also ahead in national polls which, on average, place him at 51.5% with Trump on 42.3%.

All the same, with several key states still too close to call, victory is far from certain for the Democrats. Therefore experts say motivating LGBT+ people and their allies to vote could be key to winning Biden the White House.