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Every 28 hours a LGBTI person is killed in Brazil

Every 28 hours a LGBTI person is killed in Brazil

Piu da Silva was a transgender samba queen at Rio’s prestigious Beija-Flor school.

Her tortured corpse was found on 24 January, a week after the first alarm had been raised by friends and family who were concerned because Piu did not attend practice. She never missed any practice session.

A shocking video emerged just a day later. It shows the trans woman being tortured in Morro da Mina, a favela near the samba school, while she pleads with her unseen aggressors.

Her disfigured body was found the next day, after her relatives frantically searched the area shown in the video.

Piu da Silva is one of the many people killed in Brazil.

And according to the country’s gay rights group Grupo Gay de Bahia, one LGBTI person is killed every 28 hours.

This week the group revealed 2013 saw 312 trans, gay, or bisexual people murdered because of their sexuality.

On January 29, six days after Piu’s body was found, members of the trans community took to Rio’s city hall, holding a National Trans Visibility day to protest against the violence and prejudice directed at them.

‘Foreigners come to carnival expecting free sex and love, but the image Brazil exports of freedom and liberty is false,’ Beatrice Cordeiro, who works to get trans people into employment, told The Guardian.

‘There is a lot of prejudice in society still.‘