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Every Major League Baseball team has a Pride Night – except one

Every Major League Baseball team has a Pride Night – except one

Yankee Stadium for baseball

Pride Nights are becoming increasingly popular in the sports world. Every Major Baseball League team in the US hosts one, or at least has one planned. That is, every team except one.

After the Los Angeles Angels announced a Pride Night for June 2019, the New York Yankees remain the only team without an event.

‘A couple of clubs started this about 14 or 15 years ago,’ said Billy Bean, MLB’s vice president and special assistant to the Commissioner.

‘It’s been interesting to watch it expand over the last few years, and I think that’s a great example of the clubs understanding our responsibility to our communities, and the importance of a positive and accepting message.’

The nights allow LGBTQ fans to share their identity with something they’re passionate about.

The odd team out

The Big Apple’s other team, the Mets, have held their own Pride Nights. The game nights are like any other — there are no new rules and everyone still sings along to classic baseball songs.

There just happen to be some rainbow flags and the kiss cam draws attention to both straight and same-sex couples.

‘It’s going to be real hard to look in the mirror and see themselves as the only team in Major League Baseball that is not holding a Pride Night,’ said David Kilmnick, CEO of the LGBT Network, a New York-based nonprofit.

Kilmnick was the one to first propose a Pride Night to the Mets. He approached the Yankees, but he said they ‘didn’t seem interested’.

He added: ‘It’s a shame that we have a team here in the greatest city in the entire country, and one of the most diverse cities in the entire country, that is not doing a Pride Night to welcome its LGBT fanbase.’

Sports and the LGBTI have sometimes been at odds. From younger ages to the pros, there is often a divide separating the two.

There are some advancements beyond Pride Nights, though. This year was the first time the NFL and MLB participated in New York City’s Pride parade.

GSN reached out to the Yankees for comment.