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Everyone go home, we have found the most homoerotic wrestling video ever

Everyone go home, we have found the most homoerotic wrestling video ever

This is oddly hot

If anyone ever tells you that wrestling isn’t in the slightest bit homoerotic, take a look at this.


The match began as typical for wrestling: two sweaty dudes fighting it out on the mat trying to take the other down.

But then as one gets the other on the floor, arms and legs spread, the wrestler is spanked several times on the butt.

While we are sure this is just a display of dominance or a bit of rough-housing, it is the look on the bottom guy’s face as he realizes – inadvertently – many gay men wish he was right in his position.

The gif comes from the finals of the 211 lb. competition of real pro wrestling back in 2014. Fighters Daniel Cormier (on the top, for a lack of a better term) and Tommy Rowlands (on the bottom) were tackling it out to become the winner.

It was Cormier who ended up taking home the title.

As one person wrote on YouTube: ‘And to think some people think wrestling of homoerotic…’

In the WWE, chief brand officer Stephanie McMahon has confirmed they will be bringing in LGBTI characters in their programming.

She said: ‘Throughout my life I have grown up knowing gay WWE superstars and executives. It’s always been accepted, but now it’s about getting that message out there.

‘We will integrate LGBT characters into our programming… and I do think there will be an opportunity to integrate some of those storylines in the near future.’

Watch the fight between Cormier and Rowlands below: