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Calvin Klein’s ex-boyfriend charged with attacking man with frying pan

Calvin Klein’s ex-boyfriend charged with attacking man with frying pan

Nicholas Gruber shirtless, posing for a selfie for his Instagram account

Calvin Klein’s former lover, Nicholas Gruber, 28, was arrested last week (15 March) for the alleged assault of a man with a frying pan.

A friend of Gruber’s, Brandon Steele, 26 reportedly aided the ex-gay porn star.

Police said the pair attacked an unnamed man following a dispute over money at Steele’s New York City apartment.

The pair have been charged with second-degree assault and unlawful imprisonment in the first degree.

‘A nearly severed ear’

The two men allegedly smacked the victim with a frying pan leaving him with disfiguring injuries, the New York Daily News reported.

Staff at Manhattan’s Lenox Hill Hospital treated the victim for several broken bones in his back, according to court papers.

As well as, ‘a nearly severed ear and injuries to the orbital bone that could, potentially, affect vision.’

It’s unknown how Gruber and Steele are connected to the victim, but it’s believed they had dispute over money.

What happened exactly?

The pair scuffled with the 33-year-old victim and wouldn’t allow him to leave Steele’s apartment on East 76th Street off Second Avenue.

The incident took place at around 10pm on 3 September last year.

In the same six-storey building on the Upper East Side, Gruber allegedly lived without a lease.

It’s believed he was occupying an apartment after changing the lock.

Besides the assault charges, police also found Gruber in possession of methamphetamine.

Moreover, there was nearly $3,000 in cash in the apartment.

As a result, police additionally charged Gruber with criminal trespass, drug possession and possession of stolen property.

Police previously arrested the model in 2012 for alleged assault and drug possession.

Gruber is ‘not gay’

Just four months prior to the arrest in 2012, fashion designer Klein, 76, split-up with Gruber.

It’s believed the two dated for two and a half years.

Despite this, Gruber later claimed he’s ‘not gay’ in an interview with New York magazine.

Klein previously had heterosexual relationships, including two marriages to women.

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