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Ex Archbishop likens gay marriage to Nazi Germany

Ex Archbishop likens gay marriage to Nazi Germany

The former Archbishop of Canterbury, George Carey, claims Britain will become like Nazi Germany if it goes ahead and legalizes gay marriage.

Lord Carey made the outrageous comments while addressing a 1,000 strong rally  against same-sex marriage in Birmingham today (8 October).

During the event to coincide with this week’s Conservative Party conference, he warned that Christians who dared to speak out against the government’s equal marriage reforms could face persecution similar to the Jews under the Third Reich.

‘When they were called names that was the first stage towards that totalitarian state,’ he said.

‘It’s part of a slippery slope where the unintended consequences could be shocking.’

Long-term opponent of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights, Ann Widdecombe, agreed.

Closing the right-wing event, which also included a speech from current backbench Tory MP David Burrows, the former Tory Prisons Minister told the audience that the restrictions which would follow the legalization of gay marriage were the ‘hallmark of totalitarian states down the ages’.

Ben Summerskill, chief executive of gay rights charity, blasted Lord Carey over his comments. 

‘Gay people remember all too well what happened in the Holocaust,’ he said.

‘The fact that Lord Carey is making such distressing comments rather suggests he knows he hasn’t any good arguments against equal marriage.’

Around 100 people held a counter protest, claiming the true agenda of the Coalition for Marriage rally goes beyond the issue of equal marriage, pointing out that all three speakers have defended gay ‘cures’.

According to the Public and Commercial Services Union, who had a strong presence at the ‘Picket the Bigots’ protest, David Burrows MP is linked to the Christian charity CARE, which sponsored a London event in 2009 offering ‘healing’ for gay people.

According to the charity Stonewall, Ann Widdecome has opposed 93% of  legislation in support of LGBT rights. This ranged from equalizing the age of consent to the prevention of bullying in schools.

Protester Kirat Raj Singh, vice president of Birmingham City University Student Union, said: ‘Prime Minister David Cameron claims the Tories are different from the homophobes who introduced Section 28 under Thatcher.

‘Yet, since poor local government election results, the bigots have been allowed to come out of the woodwork. Some Tory ministers now oppose marriage equality.

‘Cameron is giving Tory MPs a “free vote” so homophobic Tories will vote against it. We are concerned that the Conservatives are not prepared to take on homophobia in their party or at senior levels of the church as they believe this would alienate their traditional voting base.’