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Ex-gay activist declares US Supreme Court Justices Kennedy and Kagan are gay

Ex-gay advocate is certain the 'radical homosexual lobby' intends to destroy the church in the US

Ex-gay activist declares US Supreme Court Justices Kennedy and Kagan are gay

Greg Quinlan, an advocate in the ex-gay movement, doesn’t know much, but he’s certain of the following: President Barack Obama and US Supreme Court Justices Anthony Kennedy and Elana Kagan are under cover gay.

On 3 July, Quinlan was a guest on Sons of Liberty Radio. As reported by Right Wing Watch, the no longer gay claimed he worked for the Human Rights Campaign, a gay civil rights organization, in the 1990s.

He met Kagan at an event and learned, through the grapevine, she’s a lesbian. He also discovered Kennedy has a ‘predilection for the down low.’

To be ‘on the down low’ means a person is secretly gay, but continues having sexual relationships with people of the opposite sex. The term has been used to describe closeted gay black men.

Which brings us to Obama, who Quinlan called a ‘down low president.’

The former gay is, of course, discontented with the Supreme Court’s recent decisions on the Defense of Marriage Act and California’s Proposition 8. He called the majority justices in both cases ‘black-robed Nazis’ who only have a need to ‘accommodate their own personal predilections, including their own sexuality.’

Quinlan continued to opine, adding the ‘radical homosexual lobby’ has a final goal: the end of the church.

‘To change the mightiest government that ever existed, because it’s founded on God all mighty truths and principles, is to destroy it so they can do what they want to do. Have sex the way they want to have it. And the only way they can have it is to shut us up.’

Quinlan and Sons of Liberty hosts, Bradlee Dean and Jake McMillan, switch topics and enter into a conversation about butch, femme, Nazis and MSNBC’s out news host Rachel Maddow.

Dean, the president of the You Can Run But You Cannot Hide ministry, was the loser in his $50 million (€39 million) defamation lawsuit against Maddow.

The judge ordered him to pay the journalist’s legal fees; Dean is balking, claiming the judge is biased against him.

‘She [Maddow] would definitely be a butch but she is a butch who has to be a femme, meaning she has to put on lipstick,’ the ex-gay offers from his ex-gay guidebook.

Host McMillan ends it all with a familiar, and dramatic, flourish: the gays are committing crimes against the small ones.

‘We speak to it from protecting the next generation. My gosh, the crimes are horrendous and we know what the end of it is, they are always going for the schools, they want little boys,’ McMillan claimed.

Below are three clips of the conversation:

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