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Suspected gay men tortured to death in Chechnya’s latest anti-gay purge

Suspected gay men tortured to death in Chechnya’s latest anti-gay purge

Two men have died from extreme torture and about 40 more people detained on suspicion of being gay as the details of the latest wave of anti-LGBTI activity in Chechnya have been confirmed.

News broke last week that Chechnya had yet again escalated its assault on the LGBTI community. It began its anti-gay purge more than a year ago. Since spring of 2017, reports of men being executed, detained and tortured for their perceived sexuality have flooded out of Chechnya.

Chechnya, in the North Caucuses of Russia is a Muslim majority region. Its president, Ramzan Kadyrov, has said parents of LGBTI children should kill them to remove the shame from their family.

While the attacks on the LGBTI community have not ceased since 2017, they escalated again at the end of 2018.

The Russian LGBT Network confirmed authorities have killed two people. Authorities detained 40 men and women have at the end of December.

The two people confirmed dead, died because of torture while in detention.

‘We also know that the detentions are carried out by law enforcement officers, and the victims are illegally detained,’ the Russian LGBT Network said.

‘The local police are doing everything they can to ensure that they cannot leave the Republic or subsequently seek protection in court.

‘Documents are taken from them, they are threatened with falsification of criminal cases against them or their relatives, they are forced to sign blank forms.’

What prompted the latest attacks?

It is believed the latest wave began after authorities arrested the group moderator on the Russian social network VKontakte (VK).

Gay men in the North Caucasus used the VK group to interact.

Russian authorities have ignored the global outcry over the ongoing persecution of LGBTI people in Chechnya. The Russian LGBTI network has called on the government to carry out an investigation into the persecution.

The Russian LGBT Network has evacuated about 150 people from Chechnya. But there are 130 more evacuated Chechens in Russia who need assistance in leaving the region altogether.

The Network has asked for people in Chechnya needing assistance to email: [email protected]

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