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Interview with Alan Carr: ‘I tried to get off with all of Take That’

Interview with Alan Carr: ‘I tried to get off with all of Take That’

Alan Carr will host the Natwest British LGBT Awards

Alan Carr is all about making people laugh, whether it’s on his old talk show Chatty Man or presenting the Natwest British LGBT Awards.

The gay British comedian has revealed his most difficult interview, being inspired by Rock Hudson, and the most uncomfortable interview he’s ever had.

We also chat about his fiancé’s best and worst habit, as well as his plans for their wedding.

Who was your LGBT role model growing up?

Most of the people growing up who were gay were campy and OTT (remind you of anyone!) and so I didn’t really see them as role models.

However me and my Nan would sit down and watch old films together especially when Doris Day featured in them. So when Rock Hudson died of AIDS in 1985, I was as shocked as anyone to find out his true sexuality.

He showed a lot of impressionable young gay men including myself that there were all types of gay out there, you could be gay and also be strapping and drop dead gorgeous and I guess manly (well, on camera anyway) he sort of changed my attitude to what being gay could be.

Who was your first celebrity crush?

Wonder Woman then Face from A-Team.

What was the last time you talked about any gay topic with your parents and what was it about?

We were talking about that documentary on Channel 5 about the ‘Grindr killer’ – my mum was asking what Grindr was – I changed the subject.

Who is your best interviewee of all time?

So many, Russell Brand – so quick, Rihanna – so much fun, Channing Tatum – woof!

Who was your most difficult interview?

John Cleese – he started chucking Bombay mix in my mouth as I was trying to ask him a question I took the moral high ground and tipped a whole litre bottle of WKD over his head – all the time I was thinking “What would Michael Parkinson do?”

Prince William is up for an award. Have you ever met a royal and what did you think of them?

I met Fergie, Eugenie and Beatrice bizarrely at a Robbie Williams gig – they were really nice and surprisingly down to earth. Fergie came over and said “Does anyone want a drink?” I didn’t know whether to curtsy or order a Tia Maria.

What will you and your partner wear on your wedding day?

That’s between me, him and Thelma from My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

What is your fiancé’s most annoying habit?

He loves buying tat, and won’t throw anything away, oh and god help us if we pass a skip and he sees something in there – he dives into it quicker than Gemma Collins on Splash. If Channel 5 ever do ‘Celebrity Hoarders’ – call me!

Best thing about him?

The best thing about him is he’s my soul mate, I don’t know what I would do without him, we spend the whole time laughing – well, not when he’s head first in a skip!

Do you want kids?


Have you ever got drunk at an awards ceremony and what happened?

How long have you got? I’m always drunk at awards ceremonies. How the hell are you supposed to get through them otherwise? If I had to pick one it would be the Brits when I had to give Take That an award for Best Band – I had been drinking for a few hours and after handing the award I tried to get off with them all.

The 2017 Natwest British LGBT Awards will be streamed live on the website from 9pm on 12 May. GSN is a media partner of the awards.