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Need a change? Here are 3 experimental style tips for men

Need a change? Here are 3 experimental style tips for men

Need a change? Here are 3 experimental style tips for men. Image: Pixabay

It’s amazing how a simple change to your everyday appearance can make you feel like a brand new you. We’ve all heard the claims – that dressing professionally shows the world that you mean business, that style is all about confidence. Deep down, we know that it’s not necessarily about the clothes – it’s about how the clothes make us feel, but feelings alone can have a powerful impact.

If you’re experiencing a confidence slump or feeling uninspired by your wardrobe, then the time has come for a style shake-up that will help you express your individuality and celebrate the real you.

Here are three ways you can experiment with your look and give your self-esteem a boost.

Get a Tattoo

Getting inked is not for everyone of course, but there is something wonderful about having part of yourself – interests, loves, losses or inspirational quotes – printed on your body forever, even if you think you’ll regret it down the line. Getting a tattoo encourages you to accept and show off your personality, so if you want one then don’t let other people stop you. Your artwork will also serve as a reminder of your younger self when you’re older.

With tattoos becoming more widely accepted, they are becoming less frowned upon in the workplace. Good employers value individualism and character, as long as it’s not something offensive or too overt, so a tattoo shouldn’t hamper your chances of getting a job. If you’re desperate to get a tattoo, but you’re worried about it affecting your professional life, you can always choose a place on your body that’s easy to disguise – like your thigh, back or upper arm.

Just Add Hair

Male-pattern baldness can be a real confidence-killer, even though some men rock the look great. Others choose to wear hats to cover up the patches or shave their heads entirely, but not everyone feels confident sporting these looks. If you’re bothered by your hair-loss, you don’t have to live with it. Treatment options include hair transplant, eyebrow reconstruction and hair-loss medications. To find the right treatment for your condition and budget, book a consultation and research hair transplant cost online.

Another way you can change your look is to grow a beard – if you can. Beards are all the rage at the moment, and as long as you keep yours well groomed and hygienic, it can transform your style.

Smarten Up

You don’t have to be a business executive to dress smartly, though studies indicate that you can influence your prospects by sharpening up your look. Luckily, the three-piece suit is back on trend, and thanks to the many high-street stores now stocking them, you don’t have to pay a fortune to look a million dollars.

You can make an outfit either modern or classic by switching out different elements, for instance wearing your blazer open with a patterned shirt underneath and losing the tie. If suits aren’t your style, you can still smarten up with a well-fitting shirt and tie, even if you’re wearing trainers.