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Extremist Christian pastor says Pete Buttigieg will turn America into a ‘homocracy’

Extremist Christian pastor says Pete Buttigieg will turn America into a ‘homocracy’

Bishop E.W. Jackson believes Pete Buttigieg wants a homocracy

A Virginia-based pastor has claimed that presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg will turn America into a ‘homocracy’. He believes the openly gay Mayor Pete will ‘crack down’ on Christianity, should he be elected.

What happened?

Bishop E.W. Jackson, a failed Republican candidate for the United States Senate, made these comments on the 16 April installment of his radio show, The Awakening.

‘If someone like Buttigieg were to get elected, we would be on the defensive,’ Jackson said.

‘There is no question about it. I have no doubt that somebody like that would go to the FCC [Federal Communications Commission] and say “we got to crack down on these networks and radio stations where people are talking”—like I am talking right now—we can’t have that.’

Referencing Buttigieg, Jackson also said that ‘normal men’ would be ‘disgusted by the idea of two men kissing each other on the mouth.’ Jackson continued on, ranting about ‘PC [politically correct] Culture.’

LGBTI ‘Agenda’ and Homocracy

The pastor answered a question from a guest commentator, claiming Buttigieg is running on the ‘LGBT Agenda’ as a platform.

‘I am sure we would have laws saying that you have to refer to transgender people as “they’ and ‘them”. Can’t refer to them as “he” or “she”,’ the pastor continued.

‘Look, I am sure we would probably have laws that say you can’t even suggest in a public setting that you believe what the Bible says about homosexuality.’

‘I know that as much as these LGBT activists say that I want a theocracy, which I don’t because I don’t want to punish them or put them in jail for what they are doing, I want to see them converted. But I guarantee they would love to see you or me punished or put in jail. You know what, we don’t want a theocracy, but I guarantee you, they want a homocracy.’

After a pause, he doubled down. ‘Yeah, they want a homocracy, in which they get to dictate to everybody what you can and cannot say.’

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