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Facebook’s ‘God’ smites Vladimir Putin

Facebook’s ‘God’ smites Vladimir Putin

Facebook’s ‘God’ page has chosen to single out Russian President Vladimir Putin for divine retribution over his regime’s treatment of LGBT people.

‘God’ chose Putin as the winner of his weekly Smite Tuesday competition after he was nominated to be smote by one of the popular humor page’s nearly one million Facebook followers.

‘The winner of SMITE TUESDAY is Vladimir Putin,’ ‘God’ posted earlier today.

‘Putin is a dictator scumbag. He started a ‘War on Gays’ simply to distract the Russian public from his corruption. He is a bad person and should feel bad. SMITE.’

‘God’ accompanied his post smiting Putin with a photo of the Russian leader with a rainbow Hitler mustache.

Putin and Russia have been receiving international criticism since he signed a so-called ‘gay propaganda’ ban into law in June.

Since then disturbing images of young gay men being tortured by Russian neo-nazis have been spreading on the internet.