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Why is Facebook banning lesbians for using the word ‘dy*e’?

Why is Facebook banning lesbians for using the word ‘dy*e’?

Facebook is banning lesbians for using the word ‘dyke’.

The social media giant has come under fire from gay and bi women reclaiming the word in a way that suits them.

Such comments that have led to temporary bans include ‘trans dykes are good and pure’ and ‘I LOVE DYKES’.

These posts have led to the comments being removed, with some resulting in 30-day bans.

‘Unbelievable. Just got a 30-day ban by Facebook for pro-LGBT content. DURING PRIDE MONTH,’ one outraged Twitter user said.

‘Facebook getting really weird with its censoring of lesbians at the mo – lesbians can’t say “dyke”?’

GSN has contacted Facebook to ask why gay and bi women are being censored or banned for using the slur. When we have spoken to Facebook in the past, they have admitted their algorithms are ‘not perfect’.

Facebook deletes attacks on those in ‘protected categories’ – based on sexual orientation, gender identity, race, sex, religious affiliation, national origin, ethnicity and disability or disease.

Listening to Lesbians says: ‘It shouldn’t be forbidden for lesbians to defend the language we need to discuss ourselves.

‘We certainly shouldn’t be told we are not allowed to reclaim our own word and declare them with pride.

‘In an age of endlessly touted freedom of speech, it is telling who is told to shut up and who does the telling.  It is becoming increasingly obvious that dykes are on the losing end and are experiencing systematic erasure from public spaces.’